Let tension dangle

There’s a spot in my mid-back that sometimes feels as though it holds all the tension in my body. Like every keyboard stroke, knife cut, sponge scrub, page flip, steering wheel turn, and slouch collects between my shoulder blades and knots together. The best method I’ve found to release that tension is a long-held standing forward […]

Sunny salutations

Gorgeous weather calls for celebratory yoga. And what better way to honour the sun than with a salutation? Sun salutations are sequences with easy to remember poses that flow into each other, allowing you to focus on the moment and the movement. When you’re not worrying about what posture comes next, you can let your […]

Yoga classes for the long, dark, rainy winter

Copenhagen’s winter nights are long, dark, and often rain-soaked, which makes this the perfect season for cozy yoga classes! Join me for Tuesday evening restorative yoga classes and the incredibly hygge Ground Yoga + Økotea in Østerbro. Classes start at 19.00 and are 75 minutes of very supported, super relaxing poses like gentle twists, soft […]

Restorative Yoga Workshop

Join Constanza and Laura at Hot Yoga Østerbro (Nordre Frihavnsgade 13, 2100 København Ø) on Sunday, 21 May from 15.00-17.30 for a Restorative Yoga Workshop. The class will be led by Laura and Constanza, both experienced restorative yoga teachers, and Vidhi will assist. In addition to fully supported restorative yoga poses, including a long savasana, students […]

Unease in easy pose

Sukasana or easy pose is sometimes decidedly not easy. In fact, it’s name is often a misnomer and holding the pose can be very challenging for anyone who has troublesome ankles, knees, or hips. Without a block or bolster under my seat, ‘easy pose’ becomes ‘incredibly-hard-and-uncomfortable pose’ for me within a couple minutes. Knee injuries, tight […]