Laura & Sofie in easy poseI’m originally from Vancouver, Canada and now live in Zürich, Switzerland with my husband and our small dog.

I’m a native English speaker (with an astonishing vocabulary and a distinct love of thesauri) and French is my second language. After living in Copenhagen for a couple years, I speak passable Danish and I’m increasing my grasp of German through intensive language classes.

My broad skillset, which includes copywriting, research and editing as well as content and knowledge management, means I can tackle content in just about any sphere. I love to write, read and edit – and I’ve never backed away from a debate about whether bullshit is hyphenated.

I’ve also spent years working with web usability and interactive design.

I have a Masters degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta.

I teach yin and restorative yoga and I’m particularly skilled at yoga nidra (guided relaxation).

I’m passionate about connecting people with information, each other and their inner selves.

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