Selected short reading (vol. 7)

It’s International Transgender Day of Visibility, which celebrates transgender people and their contributions to society, along with raising awareness about discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide.

I’m joining in the celebrations by recommending a couple short pieces by trans authors.

I stumbled across an article about the first book by Giller-nominated Casey Plett being optioned by a Canadian film company and went down a ‘what else has she written?’ That led to a Book Riot list of must-read books by trans authors and some additional Googling turned out plenty of great trans-authored short fiction.

Couldn’t Hear You Talk Anymore‘ by Casey Plett

In short
With the intimate feeling of letters between friends, Plett uses 3,600 words to show the connection between two unnamed trans women. Much is left unsaid, in delightful contrast to the frankness about alcoholism and abuse.

My take
I love the switch in voice and the gentle Canadian-ness (mentions of Shoppers and disbelief anyone would go to Ottawa). It’s grounded without being gritty — and I read the last paragraph aloud to appreciate the beauty of a heart unknotting.

Goodnight Baby‘ by Lydia Conklin

In short
At 6,500, this is on the longer side, but there’s action enough to keep it moving. A band. A booty call. A bike accident.

My take
How Conklin keeps the piece light amazes me. The reality —and desperation— of trying to make it in music and the main character’s hunger for connection should weight it down, but somehow humour and hope shine through.

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Other selected short reading

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