Wrap and release

I probably spend most of my waking hours rounding forward — staring at computer screens, bending over a pan on the stove, hunching over my phone or any of a million other tasks. It’s not great for posture and the downward position also tends to tug down my thoughts and emotions, too.

The yoga antidote is supported fish, a lovely, well-propped, chest-opening posture.

I posted a full guide to supported fish some time ago (actually, it’s been more than ten years!) — and now there’s video to go along with that written guidance.

A bolster is the only prop you really need for this pose. Or can also use a large, firmly rolled towel (like I did in a hotel room recently) or a dense pillow or a stack of books covered with a blanket.

Me demonstrating how to settle into supported fish

Don’t forget to use the wrap and release technique (giving yourself a big hug) to ease tension across your back and soften your shoulders. And maybe chuckle at the fishing-related semi-pun!

Photo above taken by fellow yoga teacher and splendid photographer Sophie Eva.

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