‘Flat’ is good… and restorative!

My yoga practice has been much flatter since having knee surgery in December. Reclined. Prone. Horizontal. Or maybe up a wall.

The swelling has yet to abate, making more active sessions out of reach. Down dog is a no-go. Butterfly makes me shudder in horror. Even my favourite yin-yoga-style practice with its many very-bent-knee poses (squats, sleeping swan, and happy baby, to name a few) is beyond my current capabilities. And child’s pose, well, that’s inconceivable.

But flatter hasn’t meant unfulfilling.

My bed has supplanted my yoga mat (so much more accessible with an injury!) and I’m still connecting with my body, my breath, and myself through meditation and yoga. Restorative poses and a simple savasana have taken over from sun salutations and definitely-not-easy sukasana (easy pose) and yoga remains a part of my life.

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I’m so thankful that meditation and restorative yoga are well within reach as I continue to heal. Soothing poses, guided mediations, and, honestly, more than a few tears, have helped me feel connected with my body when it’s been experiencing new and mostly unwelcome sensations (yeah, that means a fair amount of pain and disconcerting feelings of detachment).

To share the comfort I’ve found as I recover, I’m leading a virtual restorative yoga practice on Friday, March 19th. While the session is tailored to those with injuries, it’s also appropriate for anyone whose body is feeling good—especially if you could use a little de-stressing.

When you register, you get access to the live session via Zoom (20:15-21:30 Swiss time on March 19th), as well as a link to the video replay for the whole weekend. I’ve also curated a healing playlist on Spotify for the practice and will provide suggestions for props in advance.

The details

  • What
    Restorative Yoga & Guided Meditation
    75-minutes of gentle, well-propped yoga poses and yoga nidra (yogic sleep)
  • When
    Friday, March 19th from 20:15-21:30 Swiss time (19:15 start in the UK, 15:15 Toronto/New York, 12:15 Pacific)
    And through video replay for that whole weekend
  • Who
    Suitable for anyone recovering from injury or pregnant, and also perfect for anyone looking for an infusion of relaxation
  • How much
    Gratis—but I’d love if you donated however much you’d spend on a yoga class to a local animal welfare/rescue organisation 💜

What we’ll do

Starting with a grounding meditation inspired by Thích Nhất Hạnh, we’ll move into some well-propped, long-held soothing restorative yoga postures. A point-by-point guided relaxation (yoga nidra) will lead into a few minutes of silent savasana before we re-awaken, feeling revitalised and fulfilled.

Absolutely no downward-facing dogs or child’s poses or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. This practice is all about finding what feels good, embracing the present moment, and experimenting to find your perfect pose. I’ll offer plenty of alternatives and options for each position.

Get yourself ‘flat’ (and relaxed)

If you’re not already registered for the session on Friday, March 19th (with video replay for the weekend), fill out the form below to take part. I’ll send you an email with all the info (Zoom meeting info, curated Spotify playlist, and prop recommendations). The 75-minute restorative yoga session is gratis, but I hope you’ll donate to an animal welfare-related organisation in your area in honour of my recently deceased and exceptionally well-loved pup Sofie.

Me and Sofie doing modified downward dog (with a more mobile knee, obviously!) almost ten years ago

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