Softening into spring & summer

Laura's smiling eyes with a background of fluffy pink feathers
Photo taken at Sonja Lackner’s incredible exhibit in 2021

I’m teaching two more online yoga classes as part of the current series. Both will use lots of props to create wonderful nests—although probably no pink feathers!

I won’t be teaching over summer, so this is the last chance for a while to join me live on Zoom—or enjoy the recorded sessions anytime over the weekend.

The live sessions are Friday, May 20 and Friday, June 24 from from 8:15-9pm Zürich time (find out when that is in your timezone). Or by video replay for the whole weekend. Both classes will encourage your mind and body to soften with well-supported poses and a luxurious guided relaxation.

I also send a suggested list of props (heaps of pillows and blankets!) and a curated playlist tailored to the month’s practice.

Each online session is 12 CHF / $15 CAD / 90 DKK / 10€ — and if that creates any kind of barrier, please get in touch and we’ll sort out an alternate arrangement. Donating an equivalent amount to a charity of your choice is also totally cool!

Feathers for all!

The image of me surrounded by pink feathers was captured at my friend Sonja’s exhibit last summer. She displayed a few pieces in the Voyage – Voyeur show last year, including this fully enveloping feather-covered installation! Amazing!

Check out more of her work at

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