Meditation for compassion

Laura seated in well-propped easy pose demonstrating a gently moving meditation to encourage compassion
Laura mid-way through an easy, five-minute meditation to encourage compassion

Most of us could stand to show ourselves and others a little more kindness. And I feel that need for compassion is more with the amplified sense of hatred, fear, confusion, and division that’s reflected in my social media feeds.

I ended my last online Yin Yoga class with a short meditation to encourage compassion for ourselves and others and I’ve recorded this short practice to share more broadly.

My hope is that this five-minute meditation will help you find tenderness and kindness for yourself—and spread that compassion to others.

A quick how-to

The practice starts with a short check-in with your body, mind, and breath, and transitions into gentle movement. The movement takes about six breaths: each inhale drawing your hands together at heart centre as you inhale, every exhale opening and stretching your arms outwards.

I guide you through everything you need to do the meditation in the video below, all you need is a few minutes and somewhere you can sit comfortably with your spine straight.

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