Damn bunnies can’t hold their booze

Off with their heads—and in with boozy whipped coffee!

In perhaps the funniest late night TV show segment I’ve ever seen, Seth and Rihanna go day drinking (if you haven’t seen it yet… go watch it now) and reveal the greatest Easter hack ever: beheading chocolate bunnies and using them as glasses.


But tequila is a little intense for QuarantEaster—and I don’t have Rihanna’s skill for downing shots. My solution? Combining current Instagram-darling #WhippedCoffee with a slightly lighter white Russian.

While the results are delicious, the chocolate bunnies were unfortunately unseaworthy, springing slow leaks along the seams. My husband had pre-tested a smaller chocolate bunny from the same brand with a shot of Baileys, but the impermeability did not translate to the magnified rabbits.

And my initial inexpert use of the immersion blender left coffee-coloured splatters all over the kitchen. The blending attachment is not my friend, much safer to whip.

I also froze my palm attempting to thwack ice into shards that fit through the rims of the rabbit glasses. And caused projectile ice cubes to shoot across the kitchen.

The first run through making the drinks generated a lot of cursing. At one point I muttered, “I really hope these aren’t delicious, because I’m never making them again.”

But the joke was on me… the drinks were fantastic, particularly when every second sip was punctuated with a nibble of chocolate. And pouring the boozy whipped coffee into pint glasses made them much easier to drink, if less seasonally appropriate. A decidedly happy ending—well, except for the headless bunnies, I suppose.

Boozy whipped coffee recipe

I’ve modified the base whipped coffee recipe from Swiss-Canadian blogger Andie Pilot at Helvetic Kitchen, with Seth Meyers to blame for the bunny inspiration, and The Dude as muse for the addition of vodka and coffee liqueur.

These measurements make two fairly generous drinks that go down way easier than tequila. Sadly, decapitated hollow chocolate Easter bunnies are not recommended—unless you’re sure they can hold their liquor!


  • 4 tbsp instant coffee granules
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 4 tbsp hot water (not boiling, from the tap is fine)
  • 2 tbsp Kahlúa (or other coffee liqueur)
  • 2 tbsp vodka
  • About 225 ml milk (dairy and almond work particularly well)
    (Total volume depends on the size of your drinking vessel and how strong you like your drinks)
  • Ice


  • Measure instant coffee and sugar into a deep measuring cup or high-sided jar (I used the cup that came with our immersion blender)
  • Pour in hot water and whip until mixture is foamy (I recommend an immersion blender or mixer with a whisk attachment… or even a hand whisk to build some good arm strength!)
  • Add Kahlúa and whip again for a few seconds
  • Pop a small handful of ice cubes into two glasses and fill each about half full with milk
  • Stir vodka into milk
  • Gently spoon whipped coffee mixture over milk
  • Enjoy with a few small chocolate Easter eggs or chomp into a hollow bunny every few sips

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