Get to the mat!

A close-up of two rolled yoga matsWhen I’m grumpy or anxious or unsettled, often the best place for me is on a yoga mat.

Yesterday, when I was irritated by a bunch of mis-fires, ‘practice’ was a few postures that didn’t stress my tender knees while listening to happy-making music (including my current favourite What I Wouldn’t Do by Serena Ryder) and 10 minutes or so of meditation. Quick, unchallenging, and effective.

When I’m nervous or tired, ‘practice’ is often a restorative pose or two – spending time doing nothing, just being still and quiet.

If I’m anxious or jittery, a few rounds of the flying dragon flow (from Paul Grilley’s Yin Yoga DVD) can be just the thing to work off that energy and settle me.

When I roll out my mat and spend a few minutes grounding myself, I usually get a strong sense of what kind of ‘practice’ my body and psyche need. It’s generally uncomplicated poses and a fairly short sequence – not a big commitment. Practicing for even 15 minutes usually takes the edge off of whatever emotions have taken over and brings me to a happier state.

Getting onto the mat is easy to do… and has a big impact.

Trouble is, I forget how much better practicing yoga makes me feel and how easy ‘practice’ really can be. I need to continually remind myself how effective ‘practice’ is and that a yoga mat is a wonderful tool!

If you want to get to the mat and need a little prodding, join me for a yin yoga class at Bound Lotus Meditation & Yoga Centre. I’m teaching three classes again this week – Wednesday (today) at 4pm and 8:15pm and Friday at 6:30pm.