Core connection

Tonight I teach my first mixed levels hatha and core class at Body Harmony Yoga Studio. I’m excited to be teaching at a new studio, but a little daunted as I’ve gotten used to teaching slower-paced yin yoga classes over the last couple of months.

In preparation for the new challenge of teaching a flowing hatha class with lots of poses to strengthen the core muscles, I’ve done several classes at Body Harmony over the past weeks. My fellow teachers have been wonderfully inspiring and I’m feeling reved up to teach 🙂

Holding plank pose (as I’m doing in the photo on the right) is a great way to build strength through the deep muscles of the lumbar spine, pelvis, and abdomen – although it’s not always as fun as it looks! Thankfully, the other teachers at Body Harmony have given me some great ideas for making the class light-hearted and enjoyable – and keeping it a yoga practice instead of a gym session full of crunches and push-ups.

I’m also teaching at Body Harmony on Thursday evenings and leading a lovely Yin Yoga class on Saturday afternoons. Check my schedule to see all classes I’m teaching.