New year, new snow

Laura Matheson and dog Sofie in the Mannheim snowWe’re kicking off the new year with big changes. On 1 January, we’re leaving Germany and returning to Canada. Our grown-up gap year adventure is wrapping up… and a new adventure is beginning.

Instead of returning to beautiful Vancouver or taking on Canada’s biggest metropolis (Toronto), we’re going to mix familiar and foreign (although far less foreign than Germany!) by settling in Calgary.

While neither of us have lived in Calgary before, my husband’s sister and her family live there and much of their extended family is in the province. We both lived in Edmonton (a 2 1/2 hour drive north) when we met and I’ve lived through four Albertan winters (my Northern-born husband has been through many more!), which is proof that I can survive -40º Celsius temperatures, deep snow drifts, and blinding mid-winter sun.

Dog Sofie in the Mannheim snowGulp. That’s much more winter than I’m used to!

Mannheim is trying to help us get ready for Calgary’s winters by sending us off with snow. We woke to a wonderland of the white stuff, which made Sofie super happy. She loves the snow… and I suspect there will be lots of it waiting for us in Calgary!

4 thoughts on “New year, new snow”

  1. Good for you, Laura! Calgary will be interesting as a place to live, and I’m thinking if you and Tony are driving between Calgary and the Coast, Nelson is not too far off the route for a stop. You’d enjoy seeing Nelson, and I’ve got guest space!

    1. Thanks for the guest room offer, Janet! We’ll certainly try to get in a trip to Nelson anytime we drive through the Rockies 🙂

    1. Love to have you come visit 🙂 I’m scheming how to get myself to Vancouver Island at some point this summer… so maybe I’ll drop in on you!

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