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Bookcase with 'begone writing guilt' textI came back from the yoga retreat in the Czech Republic feeling relaxed and happy. Maybe a little too relaxed as my drive to write entirely disappeared.

The perfect balance of scheduled activities and free time at the retreat left me a lot of thinking space, which included pondering my ambition to write a book. I’ve been mulling over writing about breath and breathing from a variety of perspectives,1 but haven’t buckled down and gotten much of anything done.

No solid outline, nothing drafted, just a bit of research, some scattered ideas, and a few bookmarked websites. My initial goal was to have an outline complete by the end of 2013, but almost 10 months have passed and I have found all sorts of other activities to occupy my time.

With the space to think about my nebulous dream to write a non-fiction book as enjoyable and informative as Mary Roach’s Stiff, I realized that I don’t have the necessary ambition – at least, not right now. I’m unwilling to muster the motivation and discipline to make it happen, which is making me feel guilty and delinquent. Those feelings, in turn, make me less willing to commit to writing and less likely to produce anything meaningful.

So, I’m tossing the idea of writing a book overboard. I’m abandoning my thesis on breath and breathing… and letting go of guilt.

Perhaps I’ll circle back to the idea of writing a book later on, but for now I’ll content myself with posting travelogues and recipes!




1 Possible perspectives on breath and breathing:

  • physical – drawing on my own experiences with blocked breathing and nasal surgery
  • spiritual – informed by my religious studies and yoga background
  • athletic – tapping a network of athletic experts and high-level athletes for insight

4 thoughts on “Book overboard”

  1. Ahhhh drive. Sometimes an incredible ride. Sometimes fickle and artificially produced. Laura, I just love the way you go with the flow. You’re a great inspiration for those of us on the fickle and artificial treadmill. When the passion is there you won’t be able to stop yourself. Maybe it’s best to wait and surf the really big wave.

    Thanks for the offering!

  2. There are so many external pressures beyond our control waiting to dampen our spirits, so it makes sense not to add to them with something that is completely within our control. Good for you for creating space for something more meaningful, whatever that something turns out to be.

    1. Fantastic POV… I’m not quitting, I’m creating space 🙂 The guilt I felt about not writing was really weighing on me. Deciding to let go of that feels so much better!

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