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A selection of my writing for different purposes and in a variety of settings. I’ve reproduced the samples in PDF (which open in new tabs/windows) for longevity and standardised viewing. In addition to content in the categories below, I also have a list of my conference and workshop presentations.

As copyright for the content below is owned by the commissioning entity, please do not copy or redistribute.

Web pages and press releases

  • High-performing gear unit for your ball mill
    The first product page I wrote for the FL Smidth website overhaul, this description of the MAAG® CPU Gear Unit was used as the exemplar for all other writers on the project.
  • Conveying
    This product family page is one of several dozen pages I wrote as part of a major website redesign for cement and mining equipment manufacturer FL Smidth.
  • Driving pleasure from Kay Bojesen
    Producing press releases for the Danish homewares giant Rosendahl Design Group involved much more than simple translation as many uniquely Danish concepts needed to be adapted and interpreted for an international market. For example, designer Kay Bojesen is beloved in Denmark—and essentially unknown elsewhere. With this press release, I not only introduce the new products, but also give a sense of Bojesen’s history and relevance.
  • Enjoyable moments at the breakfast table
    Originally written in Danish with highly specific cultural references, my translation and re-working celebrates family breakfasts while introducing new tableware from Lyngby Porcelæn – the Danish Porcelain Manufactory.
  • Karen Blixen’s floral language
    Winter content for Rosendahl Design Group gave me an excuse to trot out Christmas-themed vocabulary more than just once a year as I translated and finessed holiday product press releases, including this one for ornaments inspired by the author of Out of Africa.
  • Privacy Policy
    Created for Shoreline, a software and service provider that delivers simulation and optimisation solutions for sustainable energy assets.

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