A.A. Milne poems

When We Were Very Young

Cover of When We Were Very Young

First published in 1924, this book by A.A. Milne was a childhood favourite—and I still love it! The rhythm of the words and the silliness of many of the poems make me very happy. the illustrations by E.H. Shepard also bring a smile to my face 🙂

I’ve recorded a few I like best and hope it’s a little like me actually reading out loud in person!

xo -L

Buckingham Palace — Page 2

Lines and Squares — Page 12

Disobedience — Page 30

Politeness — Page 41

At the Zoo — Page 46

The Doctor and the Doormouse — Page 66

Halfway Down (my favourite!) — Page 81

In the Fashion — Page 95 – 0:46

If I Were King — Page 98