Presentations & workshops – Laura Matheson


Going Over to the Dark Side… and Seeing the Light: Shared Experiences of Library Managers
April 2011 | Victoria, Canada

  • Panelist for a conference session on being a manager in special, academic, and public library environments at the 2011 BC Library Association Conference

Facilitation for Info Pros
January 2011 | Vancouver, Canada

  • Co-presenter for a full-day workshop to share facilitation techniques for improving meetings, focus groups, and other group activities delivered through BC Library Association Continuing Education

Facilitation Skills for Library Professionals
April 2010 | Penticton, Canada

  • Co-taught an interactive half-day workshop on techniques and exercises to boost group meetings and encourage discussion at the 2010 BC Library Association Conference

Creating Order Out of Chaos: Writing and Maintaining Web Design Standards
October 2009 | Calgary, Canada

  • Session presenter on creating look and feel conventions to speed and simplify website and application design at the Netspeed 2009 Conference put on by The Alberta Library


Friday Evening Yoga Escape
May 2019 | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Invited to guest teach a long yoga class, following a program I created

Farewell Yin Yoga
January 2019 | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Planned and taught an extra-long yoga class to say good-bye to students before relocating

Relaxing Winter Solstice Yoga
December 2018 | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Led an extra-long class to promote relaxation

Restorative Yoga Winter Series
January-March 2018 | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Planned, marketed, and co-taught a series of 2 1/2-hour restorative yoga workshops

Yinbetween: Yin Yoga for the First Week of the Year
January 2018 | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Created and taught an extra-long class to help students relax and enjoy the space “Yinbetween” Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Yin Yoga with Singing Bowls and Hands On
January 2018 | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Organised, planned, and co-led a workshop that included a short introduction to yin yoga and singing bowls (general theory, benefits and why combine the two) and two hours of practice

Solstice Yoga
December 2017 | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Designed and led a long yoga practice to embrace the darkest day of the year in the western hemisphere

Restorative Yoga Fall Series
September-November 2017 | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Developed, marketed, administered, and taught three 2 1/2-hour workshops that used long-held, well-propped postures to help participants find relaxation and rejuvenation

Restorative Yoga Workshop
May 2017 | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Co-host of a 2 1/2-hour yoga workshop to help mitigate the effects of the fight-or-flight stress response that can be damaging to physiology and well-being

Yin Yoga with Hands On
January 2017 | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Organised, planned, and co-led a workshop that introduced yin yoga and guided students through two hours of practice

Summer Solstice Session
June 2013 | North Vancouver, Canada

  • Planned and delivered a yoga session to mark the longest day of the year in the western hemisphere

yogaFLIGHT Workshop
February 2013 | North Vancouver, Canada

  • Organised, marketed, and introduced a 2-hour acro yoga session

Holiday Yoga
December 2011 | North Vancouver, Canada

  • Organised and taught a pair of yoga sessions to encourage pre-Christmas well-being and relaxation